We run multiple Junior Karate Competitions a year, at our Brentwood Dojo, Chelmsford Dojo, Harlow Dojo, Medway (Upper Halling), Maldon (United Reformed Church)

The idea of our Junior Karate competitions is to introduce our young students into competition karate.
We categorise the children into groups according to their belt, age and ability to ensure it is a positive experience for everyone.
There are two main categories in our Junior Karate competitions;

KATA; students perform the Kata that they practice in the class. The kata category will be split by Karate belt, with the younger children and lower belts performing their Katas in groups of two or three and the higher belts performing their Kata individually.
KUMITE; students will compete in groups split by belt, height and age (where possible). The children will be awarded points for controlled and accurate techniques, any uncontrolled moves will result in penalty.

Each student will receive a medal for taking part and the first three students in each category will receive a trophy.
Each student wanting to take part in the competition will need hand pads, leg pads and a mouth guard (see our Equipment Page for more information on equipment).

The cost of the competition is £15 and is open to all students aged 6 years and above, please note spaces are limited.

Junior Karate Competitions 2019:
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